Inside My Studio

Ola boys n girls …. Hope you all are doing well .

Thought I’d share with you all a little insight as to what my studio looks like and exactly what software/hardware I’m using .


For my recordings I’ve got the bundled setup from Pioneer , the CDJ/DJM 450. It’s not exactly ‘top of the line ‘ but for what I need it for it does the job. Plays my USBs, which I use with Rekordbox and on the occasion where I play some CDs , it does the job just fine .

For my vinyls , I was gifted from my awesome girlfriend & my friends , a Voxol T70 record player. It truly is awesome and the quality of this is amazing. Its main purpose is for vinyl ‘playing’ not for ‘DJing’ , which again for me is exactly what I need as I play 99% of my stuff with USB and when I need to I can just record my vinyls onto WAV/MP3 and then move them onto my USB to play.


When it comes to my producing I don’t have much when it comes to hardware, majority of my gear is software based with the exception of a few pieces. For monitoring I’ve got the Behringer Truth B2031A. I’ve had these monitors for over 10 years and they’re still going strong, they’ve got great low end and adjustable EQ settings at the back . For my MIDI controller I’ve got the Arturia Keylab 49 . Which is phenomenal , not just cos its a great MIDI controller with touch pads, dials, knobs etc ., but cos its also bundled with the Arturia Keylab essential software which is valued more than the controller itself. I use a lot of the sounds from that library for my productions.

For my soundcard I’ve got the Native Instruments Komplete 6 which I use to connect everything to. Namely my CDJs for recording as well as my mic for recording vocals. The software bundle for the sound card comes with some great software to , namely Komplete Player, library sounds for the player, Kontakt LE & more. I’ve also got a Novation V-Station which has become obsolete since I recently bought the MIDI controller, so that is thrown into the back of the cupboard. For recording jingles and voice overs for my radio show Im using a entry level mic attached to a Rode stand and a Proel pop filter.


When it comes to software my DAW is Cubase 6 and for mastering and recording I’m using Wavelab 9. As for VSTs and plugins Im using bundled software from the NI Komplete sound card (Kontakt, Reaktor) & the Arturia Keylab , Arturia Mini V , Arturia Moog Modular, Korg Legacy collection ( includes Mony/Poly, M1, Polysix, MS-20 & M1) , UVI Piano Grand, Karma FX, a few plugins from WAVES , FISH collection and more .I’ve also got a Novation V-Station which has become obsolete since I recently bought the MIDI controller, which now can do the exact same thing as the V-Station except much easier.

As for my PC Im running a i7 3rd generation with 16 GB of DDR3 RAM , Windows 10, NVidia GTX 970 overclocked, 120GB SSD hard drive & 1TB standard hard drive, Razer Chroma Destiny 2 Edition Keyboard and Corsair HARPOON mouse.

On display

Around my studio room , I have also made it my own little man cave displaying some of my ‘geek stuff’ that I have collected over the years. I sometimes collect Funko Pop Vinyls, Q-Fig figures, DC Collectables and more . As you can see I’m a huge DC fan and more so Superman . You’ll see a signed copy of ‘Set your mind free’ by Sis n’ Jones signed by all the artists involved with the exception of DJ Christos. And a signed copy of ‘The world as I see it’ by Dennis Ferrer.

I’ve also got all my vinyls that I have collected over the years , every single vinyl I have ever bought, I still own today . Yes, even the shitty ones I still have . I never have nor do I ever intend on parting with any of my vinyls, not a single one.