Arturia Modular V - Software Review


Once again Arturia have teamed up with Dr.Bob Moog to bring you another stellar software synthesizer . This is based on the original Moog Modular which is known as the ‘Original Daddy’ of electronic synthesizers.

Originally released in the 1960’s and sold as custom units to artists such as the Beatles, it has now been recreated by Arturia as a software synth.


Arturia has once again done a fantastic job recreating this classic synth and duplicating its sounds , all thanks to its TAE (True Analog Emulation: Arturia's exclusive technology that accurately reproduces the defining sonic qualities of analog synthesizers).

Featured highlights included are 9 oscillators, 3 filter slots, 2 LFOs, 6 envelopes, VCAs, mixers, a sequencer , Mono / polyphonic (up to 64 voices per instrument), soft-clipping function , 12-stage phaser and ring modulator and more,

Just as the Mini V , the Moog Modular is installed through Arturia’s software centre to verify and register your copy of the soft synth.


Upon launching the Moog Modular for the first time , it can become easily overwhelming. Seeing all the digital wires hanging all over the place , one connected here another connected over there, it can be daunting. But do not fret , upon further examination you can plainly see how and what is connected . The Moog is split into 3 panels (pages). Panels are SYNTH , SEQUENCER/FX and of course the KEYBOARD.

On the Synth panel this is where you can do the ‘actual’ sound creating buy adding possible filters, envelopes and trigger delays. The sounds that you can create are endless . There are over 500 presets that you can tune and control to your liking. Presets are grouped into Bass, Lead, Pads, Arpeggiator and more. With so many choices and options , you can create the perfect sound for YOU. As mentioned before , the connections can be overwhelming but if you don’t know how to connect and reconnect different filters, envelopes etc. but don’t worry , the presets (without any adjusting) sound amazing. You will get the ‘true’ analog sound. My best advice would be to sit and play around with different connections and have fun creating new sounds or adjust one of the presets to your liking.

The sequencer/fx panel is where all the performance controllers are. You are presented with a 24 step sequencer combined with the filter, delay and chorus modules.

And lastly on the keyboard panel where you’ll find the standard keyboard controls on just about any standard soft synth.

Overall , Arturia has done it once again . Creating a top quality software synthesizer that recreates that ‘true’ analog sound. For beginners it can be a little confusing to use for the first time , but after digging deeper into how the connections work , will turn out massive results and sounds that any producer will be happy with .On the other hand , if you can’t be bothered to sit and learn these connections , you’ll be more than happy with the sounds found in the presets. For seasoned pros , you will be right at home with this piece of software . You’ll be sitting for hours on end tweaking and adjusting sounds .

I cannot recommend this synth any more , and just for $149 , you’ll be sorry to pass on this .

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