My Top 10 House Music Vinyls - Part 2 !

Carrying on from my previous posts of my favourite vinyls, I hope you peeps enjoy my selection of some of my all time favourite vinyls from my personal collection.


Artist : Next Evidence & Julien Jabre

Track: Its all a matter of dance [EP]

Label: Basic Recordings [BSC010]

Release date: 2000

Go to track: Jungle (Re-edit)

Remarks : Old skool house classic , percussive , deep and beautiful

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Artist : Cesaria Evora

Track: Sangue de bierona (Single)

Label: Wave Music [WM 50032-1]

Release date: 1997

Go to track: Body & Soul Mix

Remarks : Goosebumps all over my body when I hear this track . Made famous by DJ Fresh from his ‘Fresh House Flava’ compilations . A club classic if there ever was one.

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Artist : Alan Braze & Fred Falke

Track: Intro (Single)

Label: Vulture Music [VUL001]

Release date: 2000

Go to track: Intro

Remarks : Looking for a dance floor filler ? look no further !

YouTube LINK


Artist : Hollis P.Monroe vs Etta James

Track: This is goodbye (Single)

Label: Not on Label [ET001]

Release date: 2004

Go to track: Deeper Mix

Remarks : What a wonderful ‘bootleg’ . Amazing drums together with the beautiful vocals from Etta James. And a kick-ass video to boot

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Artist : Spiller

Track: Batucada (Single)

Label: Peppermint Jam [PJMS0034 ]

Release date: 1998

Go to track: Sounds of Life (Remix)

Remarks : Better played at ‘45’ . This is a mid-tempo monster for the ages.


Artist : Julie Jabre

Track: Swimming Places (Single)

Label: Defected [DFTD122]

Release date: 2006

Go to track: Sydenham Remix

Remarks : The remix of ‘Swimming places’ totally outdone the original . A bit more of a ‘club vibe’ compared to the original.

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Artist : Bue Six

Track: Pure (Single)

Label: Naked Music Recordings [NM008]

Release date: 2000

Go to track: Migs Petalpusher Mix

Remarks : Sexy doesn’t get better than this. Pure deep house , vocal sexiness . Miguel Migs’ mix is the one .

YouTube LINK


Artist : Lisa Shaw

Track: Cherry (Remixes) (Single)

Label: Naked Music Recordings [NMS033]

Release date: 2005

Go to track: Eric’s 5rw Remix

Remarks : One the first tracks that started the EDM craze, IMO . Smashing genres of deep,vocal and tech house to bring this amazing gem of a tune.

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Artist : Les Indescretes

Track: Without you (EP)

Label: Fresh Fruit records [EPFF22]

Release date: 1998

Go to track: Mob Hunter

Remarks : Probably the first track to start the mid-tempo craze. Made popular by DJ Glen Lewis from the ‘Mid-Tempo compilation CD’s ‘ released in the late 90’s.

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Artist : A hundred birds

Track: Georgia (Single)

Label: Wave Music [WM50114-1]

Release date: 2003

Go to track: Vocal Mix

Remarks : This is my all time favourite track and my most prized vinyl. This is musical bliss .