The 10 Best Free Plugins and VSTs

Here’s my personal list of some of the best vst and plugins available today, in my opinion. Just because they are free does not mean they’re not any good. Producers have the misconception that just because its free it generally means that its either bad or not of quality and that if you wnt good quality plugins or VSTs , that you have to pay for it . I can firmly say that this notion is absolute rubbish. Have a look below of some of my ‘go-to’ plugins which are available for free right now and give them a try , they’re free and you would be mistaken not to, at the very least, give them a try . Click the links at the end of each subsection to find the download link.

One thing to bear in mind is that although all of these are free to download, you will find on their respective pages, is an option to donate to the men and women who made these amazing pieces of software. If you’re ‘feeling’ the software and want to show them some love, why not make a donation to these companies.



I have been using this plugin pack for the last 12 years.

In this bundle you will find :

  • KarmaFX Delay

  • KarmaFX Filter

  • KarmaFX Reverb &

  • KarmaFX EQ

Their reverb, filter & delay plugins are simple and easy to use , with a simplistic design making it a joy to work with. I have been using these plugins for the last 12 years and in particular their reverb is my ‘go-to’ reverb. A great overall package with great quality

Download HERE



Where to start with this amazing package. I still cant believe that this massive package is all for free. Last Week NI launched the Komplete Start package. Included in this massive bundle is as follows :

  • 6 VST synths (TRK-01 Bass, Mikro Prism, Lazer Bass , Carbon 2 , Space Drone, New Kool)

  • 9 Sampled Instruments (Play Series Selection, Kinetic Treats, World, Band, Synth , Vintage, Urban Vintage)

  • 2 Effects ( Supercharger, Guitar Rig 5 Player)

The quality of all these instruments is of the utmost highest standard and to think its for free is truly amazing. Every producer should download this . I will be making a review blog on this bundle in the coming days.

Download HERE



Its hard to find a great sounding piano VST nowadays without having to fork out a lot of money. This VST has been sampled from a Grand Steinway. As you can see , simple design and easy to use and tweak sounds to your liking.

Download HERE



If you’re using a slightly older or perhaps maybe a little outdated DAW , like me , that is lacking in an EQ which has a spectrum analyzer, have no fear for Voxengo is here.

This is a great spectrum analyzer and does exactly what the name suggests. Uses very little CPU an features include :

  • Stereo, mid-side, surround spectrum analyzer

  • Stereo correlation meter

  • Multi-track spectrum comparison

  • PNG spectrum snapshot saving

  • K level meter

  • RMS, peak level and clipping detector

Download HERE



A fantastic sounding organ VST modelled after popular 1960’s organs.

Features included :

  • Harmonic range 6 polyphonic octaves.

  • 4 footage tabs: 16′, 8′, 4′, 2⅔’.

  • 3 treble voice tabs: Dolce, Principale, Strings.

  • Multi-Tone Booster voice with All Booster tab.

  • Knee lever control.

  • Bass voice (grey keys).

  • Vibrato unit with adjustable speed and depth.

  • Volume pedal.

  • Adjustable tuning per note.

  • Fully modelled (no samples inside).

  • Model includes oscillators, dividers, crosstalk, noise, filters, key contacts and key click.

  • Velocity-sensitive key contact attack and release.

  • Fully automatable.

Download HERE



A virtual analog bassline software synth. Great modern dance music producers producing some truly great sounding bass presents and sounds.

Features included:

Bandlinited oscillators (saw, pulse).

  • Sub-oscillator: square -1 oct., square -2 oct., pulse -1 oct, pulse -2 oct.

  • -18 dB/octave low-pass filter (resonant/self-oscillating).

  • LFO (frequency: 0,1 .. 30 Hz, waveforms: sin, tri, saw, rec, noise).

  • Simple Arpeggiator (up, down, one octave mode).

  • 2x Unisono Mode.

  • MIDI automation for all sliders and pots.

  • Precise fader control while holding down the "Shift" button.

  • Supports all sample-rates.

  • 2x oversampling.

  • 23 presets.

Unfortunately this synth is not currently supported but can still be download for free.

Download HERE



This plugin is specifically designed to enhance the vocal through means of doubling which adds depth and richness to the vocal.

Download HERE



Looking to add some stereo depth to a clap or snare or any other mono track ? look no further than Wider from Polyverse music. As you can see from the above image, simple and easy to use.

Download HERE



Virtual analog synth from TAL .

Features include are:

  • 2 oscillators with hardsync, PW and FM (saw, pulse, triangle, sine).

  • 1 sub oscillator (saw, rectangle).

  • 1 noise oscillator.

  • 18dB or 12dB non linear analog modelled low pass resonance filter.

  • Mono mode, including portamento.

  • Poly mode, up to 6 voices (not cpu optimized for poly mode).

  • 2 free routable Lfo's (0.1Hz - 400Hz, sine, triangle, saw, rectangle, s&h, noise).

  • Filter and amplifier ADSR-envelope.

  • Free routable AD-envelope.

  • Mod-wheel and Pitch-Wheel support.

  • Midi Learn for all pots.

  • Velocity to filter contour intensity.

  • Panic button.

Download HERE



Another great analog synth here . Developed by Brain Control. This is there 4th iteration of this synth (hence the ‘4’ at the end of the name).

Features included :

  • Uses an additive synthesis based wavetable generator

  • The Noise generator can produce any frequency of noise with any bandwidth

  • Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and an improved Notch filter are available

  • 2 ADSRs and 2 LFOs that can be linked to pretty much any important knob using a modulation matrix

  • Supported effects are Flanger, Chorus, Distortion, Delay, Reverb, EQ and Formant

  • The effects stack allows for any permutation of up to 10 effects

Download HERE