Why I Choose UDG

I have been purchasing and using UDG for the last 15 years . And for good reason,they are undoubtedly the best in the business when it comes to their products.

My first purchase from UDG was their slingbag trolley set, some 15 years ago when I was still spinning vinyl. It was a nightmare going from gig to gig as at the time all I had was a flight case that could hold around 60 vinyl and a very impractical vinyl bag, which could hold around 50 vinyls, with a sling that would dig into my shoulder everytime I would carry it. On some nights I would have upto 3 gigs in different cities and having this vinyl flight case and this particular vinyl bag just wasn’t cutting it. It hurt my back and shoulders and wasn’t practical at all. I was then recommended to purchase the UDG trolley sling set and I was not disappointed. Its a two piece set , both pieces have a sling that can be connected to be used as a sling bag. The sling itself is large and padded making it very comfortable when it sits on your shoulder. The sling connector itself is strong and robust and feels secure when you lock it in place, so you want have any doubt that its going to snap lose due to weight. The larger bag has a 3 number padlock and trolley trolley wheels which makes it great for traveling abroad, whilst the smaller one can be fitted on top through the trolley handle so that carrying both simultaneously can be made super easy and hassle free.

I have had this set for 15 years and still use them today frequently, this should be a clear indication as the quality of their products.

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With the purchase of the trolley set, came 2 CD pouches for free,which was a great bonus . They’re super slim and sturdy and again are still in use today

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Moving into the digital age I upgraded my system to the Pioneer XDJ-RR and seeing as that I am getting more bookings that don’t have the required DJ setup I require, I’m having to travel a lot with my own controller . I purchased this surprisingly light, sturdy & strong carry bag. It fits my controller perfectly, the sponge/foam makes it all ‘snug’ and leaves room for ‘bouncing’ during travel.

The carry handle is strong and very comfortable to hold & very practical to carry around from gig to gig

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For the times that I just need minimal gear, this little bag does the perfect job. Fits all my USBs , my headphones and has plenty of extra room for wallet , car keys etc.

Again made with the UDG quality that I expect.

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Here’s a picture of just some of the UDG gear I have purchased. I cannot express more just how great their products are. I can breathe easy knowing that my equipment is being transported in UDG gear. Besides the actual build quality and practicality of their products , they also look damn nice and have a fantastic ‘minimal’ type design to them. As you can see from my collection over the last 15 years, all the products ‘match’ they all more or less have the same design and compliment one another which is great for those like me who like uniformity.

If you’re looking for a great vinyl or midi controller carry bag or case, or anything on this subject matter then look no further than UDG.

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