Where's that sound from ?

Have you ever heard a track and thought to yourself ‘This melody sounds familiar to me’ or ‘I hear this song and I have deja vu , like I’ve heard it before ‘ that’s because most likely you have already heard said track before , but in its ‘original form’.

Sampling has been around for decades and it doesn’t seem to be stopping , in a matter of fact sampling is at its highest it’s ever been, in my opinion.

Most of the time ( because the tracks they usually sample from have been produced from the 70’s , 60’s or even 50’s) people don’t really know that they’re being sampled but instead think they’re original productions because majority of party goers weren’t even born in these eras.

Allow me to share with you some tracks that you may or may not know have used samples from other tracks:

Armand Van Helden feat. Duane Harden - You don’t know me

Armand Van Helden has famously stated in an interview that he’ll simply take a 8 bar sample and just loop that. Here he’s cleverly sampled from 2 different tracks , and in the extended mix of ‘You don’t know me’ the intro has a monologue sampled from an episode of Dexter’s Laboratory. Check it out below


Kenny Dope presents ‘The Bucketheads’ - The Bomb

One half of Masters at Work, Kenny Dope , famously sampled the vocal ‘These sounds fall into my mind’ from Chicago’s ‘Street Player’ among another sample he used.


Room 5 feat. Oliver Cheatham - Make luv

Disco house anthem right here, truthfully you can plainly hear its been sampled. A classic in the making right here.


Modjo - Lady (Hear me tonight)

Was I the only one who was fooled into thinking this club monster wasn’t sampled ? Maybe ;)


Ladycop - To be real

This sample is a little more obvious as the bass line and vocal are clearly sampled from the famous original


DJ Antoine - Visit me

An old school house anthem , this time sampled again from another popular 70’s track. Made popular by the Mid-Tempo version. Click below to have a listen


Montana vs The Trumpet Man - Itza Trumpet thing

I personally preferred the Mid-Tempo version over the original.


187 - Lockdown

Finally winning his oscar in 2017 , Ennio Morricone’s very famous melody from the OST of ‘The good , the bad and the ugly’ was sampled here for 187’s ‘Lockdown’


Stardust - Music sounds better with you

Within seconds of hearing of hearing Chaka Khan’s ‘Fate’ , you know it’s been sampled .


Black Box - Right on time


Shapeshifters - Lola’s theme

Another future classic anthem here, taking samples from 2 popular 70’s tracks.