My Top 10 House Music Vinyls - Part 3 !


Artist : Lisa Shaw

Track : Let it ride (Remixes)[Single]

Label: Naked Music Recordings [NMN1029}

Release date: 2004

Go to track: Speakeasy Remix 

Remarks : Old school house monster and future classic IMO. I remember when this track blew up in South Africa many years ago, it was a track that sort of blurred the lines between deep/soulful/tech house . This remix brought all three of these genres together and it all fitted into a perfect gem.

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Artist : Project 4 / Undercover Agency feat. Trust

Track : Nude Directions [EP]

Label: Naked Music Recordings [NM04]

Release date: 2001

Go to track: Project 4 - Waiting (Original Mix)

Remarks : Pure music bliss . A song for the ages, by far one of the most underrated soulful house tracks ever to be released. If you’re a fan of soulful house and have never heard this before, I highly recommend you check this out

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Artist : Kaskade

Track : Stepping Out [Single]

Label: OM Records [OM-156SV]

Release date: 2004

Go to track: Extended Mix

Remarks : A rare offering from Kaskade , before he really went BIG in the US . Before Kaskade was producing hit EDM tracks , he used to produce absolutely amazing soulful house tracks. ‘Stepping Out’ is my personal favourite track of his.

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Artist : Dany. P

Track : I feel the vibes [Single]

Label: All Vibes [AV001]

Release date: 2004

Go to track: I feel the vibes (Club mix)

Remarks : A classic house dancefloor filler at its finest . You can play this track 10 years from now and it will still ‘kill’ the dancefloor

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Artist : Paul Johnson

Track : I wanna play with you [Single]

Label: Yellow Productions [YP193]

Release date: 2005

Go to track: Vocal Mix

Remarks : I remember exactly how this track used to go down at the clubs. I would mix it in and all the crowd would hear was this kick drum at 123 bpm , and then as soon as the guitar riff would come into the track everyone in the club would go insane . The ’damage’ that this track used to cause was amazing. Nice classy and simple vocals …. I’m still loving this track today .

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Artist : Sharon Phillips

Track : Touch me [Single]

Label: Wave Music [WM50071-1]

Release date: 2000

Go to track: Tiefschwarz is Touched Vocal Mix

Remarks : When this track was released I remember how hard it was getting my hands on it. I would have to call my local record store begging and pleading them to hold onto a copy for me. For those who don’t know, ‘back in the day’ when a track was sold out on vinyl it was GONE. I couldn’t just simply go online and buy the MP3 or get it on Itunes. We only used to DJ on vinyl so the digital age of DJing had not come out yet. So getting your hands on a precious vinyl like this was so hard. Till this day getting ‘Touch me’ on vinyl was the most gratifying moment I had ever gotten from purchasing a vinyl. I remember it so clearly, I went straight after school (in my school uniform no less) to Camino Records (a record store that was hidden behind a building) who kindly kept me a copy of this record. Upon returning home I think I must have played this track about 10 times in a row

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Artist : DJ Antoine

Track : Visit Me [Single]

Label: Clubstar [CLUBSTAR006-1]

Release date: 1999

Go to track:  DJ Antoine’s Bassline Mix

Remarks :Back in the day this was the ultimate dance floor filler . If you wanted a track for ‘peak time’ or to totally make the crowd lose their minds, this was the track.

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Artist : PTy Ltd

Track : Feelings gone [Single]

Label: Gallery [GMG-001]

Release date: 2003

Go to track:  Feelings gone (Original Mix)

Remarks : Old skool deep house madness at its finest . Hard to find this kind of quality deep house nowadays


Artist : Cunnie Williams

Track : Everything I do [Single]

Label: Universal [360]

Release date: 2003

Go to track:  Martin Solveig’s Vocal Dub

Remarks : Before Martin Solveig went all electro on us , he used to produce deep house anthems like this … how I miss those days

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Artist : Sydenham & Ferrer

Track : Sandcastles [Single]

Label: Defected [DFTD097]

Release date: 2005

Go to track:  Martin Ten Velden & Mark Knight Mix

Remarks : One of my all time favourite house tracks and the Mark Knight & MTV remix arguably one of the best remixes ever done in recent memory.

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