Thank you

Tomorrow is the ‘great unknown’ and it is the one thing that no one on Earth knows what will happen. With that being said , I would like to give thanks to every single person who has moulded me as an artist and who had a hand in helping my career grow and get me to where I am today regardless of what capacity (good or bad). Not knowing what tomorrow may bring and never one to leave things last minute , I would like to give my gratitude to those in my life.

Let’s start from the beginning …. first off thank you to DJ Fresh , without your release of ‘Fresh House Flava’ I would never had gotten involved in the music industry . The track titled ‘Ohh’ by Mood 2 Swing was the song that started my musical journey. Thank you DJ Fresh for supporting my track ‘hear my soul’ on your radio shows. Thank you for taking the time to speak to a young skinny greek kid who asked you for advice at the first ever South African Music Conference.

Thank you to my mom and dad who have supported me in my music career since day one. You have been a great ‘PR’ and business management team, giving me advice and support throughout my career . To the person who has come to just about every single gig I have played at , my brother. Thank you for coming to all my gigs , dancing , screaming and showing love for me and my music. To my partner Irene , thank you for supporting me in my career , for giving me the time I need to work in the studio and finish up tracks, for your advice , thoughts and constructive criticism helping me become a better producer . You are my rock and pillar of strength .

Thank you to Jonathan Blackburn for giving me my first booking ever and some of the best parties I have ever played in my life .The ‘Chunky House’ parties were some of the best parties I have ever had the pleasure of playing at and think of them always with fondness and great joy.

Thank you to Chresso ’Localizer’ for giving me the first piece of advice I had ever received when I was just 15 years old about the becoming a DJ - ‘It takes a lot of hard work’ .

Thank you to Gerald ‘Sisco Umlambo’ for being apart of my career as an mentor, a friend and co-producer. You taught me so much about house music and producing , without this knowledge, I would have never had reached the quality of production I have reached today . I always reminisce of our talks at Multi-Racial records about house music , the DJ culture and working on tracks . These were some of the best memories of my life. Thank you for releasing my tracks on your compilations and for booking me at your parties.

Thank you to Julian, Rowick and Greg, I loved talking ‘shop’ with you peeps at Multi-Racial records. Exchanging funny DJ stories, comparing tracks , experiences and more.

Thank you to AJ for the great experiences we had together and working on amazing music together , which are my favourite tracks I have worked on

Thank you Jackie for laying down some of the best vocals I have ever heard. Working in the studio with you was so easy and a pleasure for me . I hope we get to work again in the near future.

Thank you to Nic, Veron and Themi , you always had my back in the beginning of my career . I remember sitting my room playing vinyl tunes to you guys and having fun with Veron on the turntables.

Thank you Peter for coming to my room and asking me to play you tunes and show you which new tracks I had gotten and showing such enthusiasm for me and my music . Thank you for the vinyls you had gifted me , I still have them today and hold them dearly to my heart.

Thank you Monica for supporting me in my career and having taken the time out to have joined me in a one-on-one session with your ciello . Your an amazing artist and a good friend and for the gifted vinyls I thank you , some of the best tracks I own.

Thank you to Bibi from funky town , you gave me my first ‘major’ club gig and through this one gig I had learnt how to stand up for myself , take no shit from no one and not to let anyone take advantage of me.

Thank you to NAHYSOSA , for all the bookings over the years for the Greek Socials which were always a treat to play at and I always looked forward to playing at those gigs.

Thank you Small Paul , we become friends through the industry and you always had a positive vibe and such respect and admiration for other fellow DJs. We held parties together which for me was such a huge insight in party organisation and club culture. Thank you for your support and having me guest slot at some of your residencies over the years.

To those who come to support me during the Euro Tribe BATTLE OF THE DJS at Sutra. Chris, Pedro, Miguel, Jorge, Danea, Chris, Alexi , Valentina, Phil, Vivian , Nick, Alexi, John, Candice, Carla, Tyron, David (Please forgive me if I left your name out). Your support is the reason I won .

Thank you to Carla and David for coming to each of my gigs and for the support.

To all those back home , Zash, Andy , Kriya, Peter, Ralph, Jana, Christina , Gaby, Mo, Naeem (Koumbaro), Steve, Mikeala, Candice, Diana, Ricky, George (koumbaro), Dimitri, George, and to all the other South Africans who came to every single one of my gigs.

Thank you to Chris for coming to just about every gig I have ever played at and for dancing and going crazy at my gigs.

To Eliah and Tia , ever since we met on congress some 15 years ago you have consistently supported me . Thank you.

Thank you to Toli, Stavro, Angelo and all the other members of Euro Tribe (Please forgive me if I don’t remember your names). After winning your competition , which propelled my career forward , you constantly booked me for all your events and even made me a resident at two of your clubs. Every night at Prive’ was a night to remember and till this day everyone still talks about those glorious nights at your club. Day time parties at Suede were some of the first day events I had ever played and always had a blast playing there.

Thank you to Tommy D, you always pushed me to become a better DJ (whether you knew it or not) and the gigs where we played together (Suede, Prive and so on) I will always remember.

Thank you to the owners of Barouge . So many amazing memories and great parties. Thanks for making me your resident .

Thank you to Augusto . Playing at Latinova was such an amazing experience. To have a club owner be so involved with its resident DJs was something that I had never experienced. Always asking for my opinion and giving advice were it was needed.

Thank you to the Tasso and Eliah from Co.Fi. your venue was a staple of clubbing in Pretoria , thank you for giving me the opportunity to have played countless times at your venue .

Thank you to Elena , Banjo , ‘Boerbull’ and Greg from The Palms. Playing at such an amazing venue for such a long period of time was an honor for me . I will always remember the great nights we had , the great parties and Fontana’s in the mornings after the club

Thank you to Ricardo from Soul Candi for releasing my first ever digital EP, and thank you for being an all around great person and giving me thoughtful advice and DJ knowledge

Thank you to my cousin Nick for flying me down to play at your events. DJ’ing at the Durban July , Tilt and Monkey Bar , among other venues. Thank you to all the peeps in Durban for coming down to my gigs - Andrea, Christina, Adam , Paul, Chris , Costa , Michali and the rest of the crew.

Thank you to Tonia , you gave me my first booking in Cyprus when I was here on holiday many years ago.. Playing at Ammos, some 13 years ago was such an fantastic experience. And seeing what it has become today is truly remarkable. Thank you to Panayioti . You gave me the opportunity to host parties and throw events at your club , of which I am truly grateful. Thank you for the Sunday day events , which were some of the best day parties ever.

Thank you to the , then , owners of Club Deep. You gave me my first residency in Cyprus . Another fantastic holiday experience .

Thank you to Stelio, Nicholas and Kyriako. Having me a resident for both your clubs/bars SPY and XS, which at the time was the biggest club in Cyprus, was a great opportunity for me .

Thank you to Chris Blenda. You got me involved with Deejay Radio and started the COLOURS OF HOUSE radio show. Thank you for sharing the booth with me and exposing me to many DJs and clubs in Cyprus of which at the time I had no clue about.

Thank you to Deejay Radio for supporting the COLOURS OF HOUSE radio show which has grown from strength to strength . Thank you for including me in your events for the last few years.

Thank you to Panteli for throwing an amazing party for me for closing 200 episodes of the COLOURS OF HOUSE and for all your support to me and my radio show over the years at Deejay Radio .

Thank you to Dennis from Blueberry Cafe, for booking me for an entire summer for your venue after just one gig.

Thank you Raffi G for showcasing your master skills as a producer to produce some fantastic remixes for my label.

Thank you to Keith Thompson for releasing my tracks on your label and for allowing me to play at your event in Miami during the WMC .

Thank you to all those at Karmic Power Records for signing my tracks to your label and exposing me to such a large audience.

Thank you to Natalie, you’re one of the best and most underrated vocalists I have ever heard and have had the pleasure of working with .

Thank you to Athos, for being a great vocalist and one of the the most talented artists I have ever worked with.

Thank you to Michali, for working on such great tracks with me .

Thank you to Tumelo , for taking the time out to record some amazing vocals on our track of which I had never done a live recording for.

Thank you Bantu Soul for all your time and effort into recording some amazing vocals for our tracks.

Thank you to Christo for laying down those amazing guitar rhythms for my track .

Thank you to the owners ,managers and staff at The Belfry. Playing at Belfry has become a staple in my life.

Thank you to Vinny Da Vinci for your outstanding support and kind words on my tracks. Although we have never properly met in person , I look forward to the day that we meet where I may give you my thanks in person.

Thank you DJ Chresso , you once told me many years in a Miami night club ‘ Its only a matter of time before you go ‘big ‘ . These words have inspired me to continue this journey of music till the end . Thank you for inspiring me .

Thank you Nathti (Black Coffee) for giving me the opportunity to have done a remix for you , for the great time we spent together (no matter how small) . Thank you for the amazing remix you had done on our track and seeing you reach such great heights , you make us all proud of you . We will always have Miami ;) lol .

Thank you Penny for always sending me screenshots of the tracks of mine that you have purchased .

Thank you Nicole for coming to my gigs and supporting me as an artist.

Andrea and Ioanna , thanks for all the great memories early on in my career in Cyprus.

Thank you Grant Nelson for having me on your radio station weekly and for all the advice and help I have asked for.

Thank you to King Street Music for your support and release on my tracks .

Thank you Eleanora, Mike and Dez. You three have always come to just about every venue I have ever played at here in Cyprus . Your support means the world to me.

Thank you Andy for your kind words and support for tuning in into the COLOURS OF HOUSE radio show and for being a great personality and allowing me to have had the opportunity to play back to back with you.

Thank you to Michali for inviting me to be apart of the BASS GOES BOOM team .

Thank you Yioti for helping me out where you can when it comes to studio and/or DJ gear and for being a great person as you are.

Thank you to the Mashau twins for always tuning into the radio show every week and always commenting on my posts .

And last and most definitely not least , THANKS to all of you , to all those who have purchased my tracks, to those supporting my tracks in their sets, playlists or podcasts , to those who have supported me by coming to my gigs, downloading my tracks and/or radio shows, all of those who tune in weekly to my radio show, those who have subscribed to my podcast, for all the facebook messages, comments, likes, shares , tweets, retweets , reposts , for all the kind words of support . To all the club owners, party organisers , event managers and so on , thank you for your support and booking me for your events/clubs/bars. To my friends and family from all over the world thank you for everything and for your support over all these years.

If there is anyone I have left out I apologize , my memory isn’t what it used to be ;) But always know that you have brought me happiness and I thank you for everything.

From the bottom of my heart , you have all humbled me , and I thank you.