Top 10 original movie soundtracks

One of my fondest memories growing up was catching a glimpse , at the end of movie trailers , of which artists are featured in said movies original soundtrack. It felt like ,which ever artist was featured in the soundtrack , would justify the films ‘coolness’ level. I remember seeing ‘The Matrix’ trailer and at the end it would state ‘ featuring songs from Marilyn Manson , Rob Zombie & more ‘ . This , coupled with the fantastic trailer , justified the ‘coolness’ of the soundtrack and you almost immediately wanted to head on down to your nearest CD store to pick up a copy of the soundtrack.

Alas nowadays you don’t find that anymore, and ‘coolness’ level of what feels like nostalgia from the 90’s has completely disappeared.

Herein below are my personal favourite Top 10 original movie soundtracks , in no particular order:


The Matrix


Featured artists: The Prodigy, Rob Zombie, Rage against the Machine, Rammstein & more.

Remarks: 'The ‘coolness’ factor was at its ultimate on this soundtrack. 90’s nostalgia at its finest featuring some the best rock bands from that era. Composer Rob Dougan also had a track on the soundtrack who he also help compose the films score , one of the best composers around in my opinion.

The Matrix Reloaded


Featured artists: POD , Dave Matthews Band, Rage against the Machine, Paul Oakenfold , Linkin Park & more.

Remarks: As a follow up to a great soundtrack, this one does ‘it’ even better. So many fantastic artists spread across 2 CD’s. Rob Dougan has now got more tracks featured on this soundtrack and he doesn’t disappoint.



Featured artists: The Prodigy , Leftfield, Carl Cox, Underworld, Orbital and more .

Remarks: This was my first introduction to ‘The Prodigy’ . Existential 90’s dance music at its best . If you’re looking for what kind of ‘underground’ dance music culture was like in the 90’s , then look no further.



Featured artists: Entirely composed by Hans Zimmer

Remarks: There’s a reason why this soundtrack won awards in its category , taking home a BAFTA, Golden Globe and Oscar for legendary composer , Hans Zimmer.

Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice


Featured artists: Entirely composed by Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL

Remarks: Only one word can describe this soundtrack , ‘powerful’ . Due to the tone of the film , it reflects wholeheartedly in this OST. Junkie XL’s touch is felt across all tracks. These two musical geniuses concocted an truly amazing body of work. I truly hope they work again together in the future.

Man of Steel


Featured artists: Entirely composed by Hans Zimmer.

Remarks: Allot like the BvS soundtrack, powerful yet more uplifting in his compositions (naturally , as the tone of the film is one of hope ).

Black Panther


Featured artists: Swae Lee, Kendrick Lamar, James Blake & more.

Remarks: One of the best OST’s in recent memory , a fantastic score to compliment a fantastic movie.

The Fifth Element


Featured artists: Entirely composed by Eric Serra

Remarks: One of my all time favourite composers, Eric Serra delivers a kick-ass soundtrack to compliment this excellent film .If you haven’t heard of his name before , you’ve most definitely heard his compositions . Hes composed the soundtracks for films such as Leon, Nikita, Atlantis, Lucy and many many more.

Tron : Legacy


Featured artists: Entirely composed by Daft Punk

Remarks: What else can be said about Daft Punk that hasn’t already been told.