The best (non-music) podcasts to listen to right now !

Everyday I commute to work from one city to another . I do roughly 150 kilometers in driving of which I’m in my car for about 2 1/2 hours a day. Traveling for so long and being stuck in a car for so many hours on a daily basis, majority of the times the radio simply doesn’t cut it .

I arrived late to ‘the game’ , and recently discovered podcasts. For those of you who don’t know what a podcast is , it’s basically a radio show or segment of a series of installments that can be streamed or downloaded onto your mobile device or laptop. I found it the best way to get through my rigorous driving schedule in the easiest way possible and majority of the time I actually look forward to driving to work just so that I can listen to my favourite podcast. It’s the only way I can truly enjoy my commute back and forth to work. It’s become a daily ritual for me , to stream my favourite podcasts. Its like my morning coffee. I even listen to podcasts during my workouts as it makes my workout time go even faster and helps me get through them quicker and much better in actual fact.

There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there , you can find a podcast that is fitted for your specific taste, you can find podcasts on anything from fishing , to cars, to sports to film …. ANYTHING !!! Below you’ll find some of the podcasts Im listening to daily , check some of them out , who knows you might even enjoy a few yourself .

The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan is a comedian , UFC commentator and podcaster . You might recognise him as one of the cast from the 90’s comedy series ‘Talk Radio’ and more so as the host of ‘ Fear Factor’ . Joe brings in alot of different guests of which he interviews. Joe has got one of the most popular podcasts around today , and for good reason . He’s a great interviewer and the guests always feel relaxed on his show which makes them speak more freely, more than they would on any other podcast/talk show. He has had a huge array of guests such as Elon Musk , Tyson Fury , Steven Tyler , Neil Degrasse Tyson and more . Because of his comedic and UFC career he brings in regularly other comedians and UFC fighters and trainers.

Not just for entertainment value but Joe also brings in alot of experts in the field of science, medicine and diet. For example I have found it extremely interesting to learn about different foods and their benefits , different training regimes and so on .


The team from Funhaus consists of mainly game journalists and YouTubers. They’ve been making youTube videos for years , mainly ‘ playing video games’ videos with hilarious commentary over the playing of video games.

They started making podcasts about 1-2 years ago and they’re really enjoyable. They have two types of podcasts .‘Dude Soup’ , which is a topic based podcast centred on the gaming/entertainment industry and ‘Filmhaus’ which is podcast review of the film they had watched.

Both podcasts are hilarious and pleasantly insightful

Fatman Beyond

Previously known as ‘Fatman on Batman’ . A weekly podcast hosted by legend writer,director Kevin Smith and writer,journalist Marc Bernardin .

It’s a movie/comic-book themed podcast where they’ll talk about the latest movies and series news. Its recorded live with an live audience , usually from a bar. It is more ‘geek’ themed but is still super funny and the banter between Kevin and Marc is super funny.

The last segment of each podcast they take questions from the audience and they can get very personal and they open up about their current and past experiences in the film industry .

IGN, Game Scoop

Game Scoop is hosted by long time IGN alumni Daemon Hatfield. For those who don’t know IGN is an American video game and entertainment media website. On this podcast Daemon hosts different guests, other employees from IGN, and they talk about all the happenings for that week in the gaming industry. At the end of each podcast they have a segment titled ‘20 questions’ where Daemon challenges the guests to find the title of video game from one cryptic sentence, of which they have only 20 questions to ask in order to find the title of the video game.

DC Movie News

Brought to us by ‘ Popcorn Talk ! ‘ , a weekly podcast where the hosts talk about everything DC related. Topics ranging from DC movies, cartoons , comic books and DC series.

Marvel Movie News

Again brought to us by the same people from DC Movie News , except this is strictly Marvel related .

Majority of these, and all other podcasts, can be found on YouTube , Itunes and Soundcloud.