Preparing for BLACK FRIDAY


So , its ‘that time of year’ once again …. BLACK FRIDAY.

In more recent years , more and more companies are embracing BLACK FRIDAY specials and sales. Its the one day of the year where companies have huge discounts on selected items and sometimes on entire store products ….. or do they ?

Allot of people might not know this but majority of companies simply advertise huge discounts without actually giving discounts. In actual fact, in most cases, they simply give a very small discount or in specific cases might not even give a discount and are simply just selling said products at the regular store price , yet they are advertising massive BLACK FRIDAY discounts. ‘ How ? ‘ you may ask , simply because they are putting discounts on the RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE (RRP) or selling products as a store price.

Majority of all companies sell products lower than the RRP which is just the regular store price . So with this in mind , if you are looking for great deals allow me to assist you on how best to save for BLACK FRIDAY and not be fooled into buying a product that might not even have a discount on.


Firstly make a list of products/software that you are looking for or that you you’ve always wanted. With this list find the companies online ( or go to the stores ) who manufacture these products and see what there current prices are and make a note of each product you wanted and how much they are now ( seeing as BLACK FRIDAY is 3 weeks away now is a great time to start). Then when BLACK FRIDAY comes along , go back and check the stores and see exactly what the price differences are . This is a simple formulae that could save you allot of time and money .

For those purchasing software dont forget about CYBER MONDAY, here you’ll find some pretty good deals. I have found in the past that when it comes to software purchases , here you will save a lot of time and money. I highly recommend checking out the following sites:

Arturia : I picked up Moog Modular and Mini V with 50% off the RRP . Also checkout the bundles , as I’m sure they’ll be doing discounts on those.

Plug-in Boutique : They have specials all year round , but they always do big discounts on plug-ins. Do some re-search and you might find a great piece of software that you never knew you needed , at a discounted price. Checkout AIR music technology software as they’re great.

KORG : I picked up the entire legacy collection at 70 % off last year . There are some great pieces of software .

WAVES : Another company who does sales often and I assume they’ll be doing the same for BLACK FRIDAY. Don’t forget to checkout the bundles section or simple chose individual pieces of software .

Loopmasters : Last year they had upto 75% off the majority of their sample packs.

Presonus : Great software deals here too

And lastly don’t forget to checkout some of the online magazine sites such as Attack Magazine , The Verge and Sound Better as they will be publishing there own lists of where the best places to get great discounts are for producers and DJ’s .

Happy hunting ;)